Tuesday, September 2, 2014

National AAUP Adds Heft to Salaita Case vs. UIUC

The Chronicle of Higher Education
August 30th, 2014

In a letter I received as an email attachment last night, Anita Levy of the AAUP agrees with many of us that Steven Salaita was shafted (not the word she used.) Levy also points out that, although Salaita’s #HireFire is widely believed to be an outcome of his Tweets on Gaza, University of Illinois Chancellor Phyllis Wise gave him no reasons for her unwillingness to bring the appointment before the board of trustees, other than her belief that there would not be a positive vote. Most importantly, the idea that Salaita could not function ethically and effectively in the classroom, or as a colleague, is an argument that has been made entirely by public insinuation (see comments on my Salaita posts, for example.) It has no basis in fact, has never been formally articulated as a charge, and has not been investigated through the university’s own procedures.
Most importantly, the fact that documents were signed, classes were scheduled and Salaita was put through all the steps that would prepare him to teach in the fall, make him an employee of the University of Illinois in the eyes of the AAUP. This means they must treat him as an employee, according to their own written regulations. They cannot simply dismiss him without any warning or explanation,

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