Monday, September 15, 2014

Israel's Salaita

Inside Higher Ed
September 15th, 2014

Amir Hetsroni might seem an unlikely academic to be fighting for a job at Ariel University. He's a communications professor who has written extensively about "Big Brother" and other reality television shows. As for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he's come to believe that the occupation of the West Bank is morally unsound. Ariel is the only Israeli university in the occupied Palestinian territories -- and its elevation to university status was opposed by many Israel academics (including university leaders) who feared Ariel would cut into their budgets and bolster support for the movement abroad to boycott Israel universities.
Nonetheless, in 2009, Hetsroni landed a job at Ariel and taught there until he was fired this month. The university has said that he was fired for posting comments on Facebook that questioned the university's process for handling complaints of sexual harassment. The university maintains that his comments -- which questioned whether allegations were always accurate -- were insulting to women and inappropriate for a professor.

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