Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Starting the Academic Year

Inside Higher Ed
August 27th, 2014

It's all over my social media feeds, and all over campus: school is starting up again. Adjuncts are finding their courses suddenly canceled or taken away (or, possibly worse, their salaries cut for various "reasons"). Everyone is making their syllabus, ordering books, discovering the limitations of the space they've been afforded to teach in. New jobs are starting, old jobs keep going on.
And this year, I'm participating in just about none of it.
I'm not teaching this semester, not really. No five writing-intensive courses to prep for. No pre-semester-even-starts emails from students explaining why they're missing the first week. No last-minute changes. No classes accidentally scheduled in a bathroom (true story, happened to my husband).
No, in my new alt-ac position, teaching undergraduates isn't my focus. I will eventually find my way back into the classroom, but this first semester, I'm facilitating a one-credit, totally voluntary graduate class on teaching, and working on developing my workshops. The one-credit course is a part of a Preparing Future Faculty program for graduate students, and my primary role is to coordinate guest speakers and enter grades. Well, it's a bit more than that (I'm making it more collaborative for the students!) but it's not a three-times-a-week-heavy-lifting class I've had to develop from scratch.

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