Friday, August 15, 2014

Eastern Michigan University Professors Concerned With School's Ties To Charters

WEMU Radio
August 14th, 2014

Education Department Associate Professor Steve Wellinski says many charter schools poach students from public schools. That costs districts state per-pupil funding for each student lost.
It isn't the first time Wellinski and the union representing EMU faculty has raised concerns about the school's involvement in K-12 education initiatives.
The EMU-chapter of the American Association of University Professors has repeatedly called on Administration and the Board of Regents to sever ties with the Education Achievement Authority. Governor Rick Snyder's administration created the EAA to take over the lowest performing districts in Michigan, with a mandate to enact rapid academic improvement.
The EAA is also on State Superintendent Mike Flanagan's list of organizations that may have its charter school authorization privileges suspended. Will that inflame an already touchy issue when classes begin in September? Wellinski hopes faculty will act as a force of positive change, "Lot of talk about what we do to help public schools.  I certainly don't want this to be against charter schools, I'd rather be more pro-active of what we do to safeguard public schools."
Part of that will be to make a difference in November. Wellinski says it will be important to inform voters that Governor Rick Snyder, and certain lawmakers, is selling out public schools. EMU-AAUP President Howard Bunsis seconds the sentiment.

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