Friday, July 11, 2014

How the U. of Texas Flagship’s Chief Built the Power Base That Saved His Neck

The Chronicle of Higher Education
July 11th, 2014

William C. Powers Jr.’s fortunes as president of the University of Texas at Austin seemed to shift quickly this week, when the system’s chancellor announced that the imperiled leader would be granted another 11 months at the helm of the flagship campus. But the Lazarus act, which allows Mr. Powers to leave office on his own terms, was actually years in the making.
The president will resign, effective June 2, 2015. That will allow for the sort of "graceful" exit that he had sought last week, when Francisco G. Cigarroa, the system’s chancellor, gave the president an ultimatum: resign by July 4, effective October 31, or be fired. The agreement this week put a fittingly messy coda on a years-long power struggle between an aggressive cadre of board members who wanted the president out and a steely campus chief with powerful connections.

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