Thursday, July 3, 2014

Adjunct v. Student

Inside Higher Ed
July 3rd, 2014

A former adjunct instructor at Central Michigan University is suing a student for parodying him on Twitter, setting up a legal battle between @levittlaw and @levittlawyer.
Todd L. Levitt (or @levittlaw), a criminal defense lawyer in Mount Pleasant, Mich., discovered in mid-April that a “Todd Levitt 2.0” (or @levittlawyer) had sprung up on Twitter, sharing posts such as “In lieu of class tomorrow students must listen to the song ‘Ten Crack Commandments’ by Biggie Smalls and write a three sentence reflection” and “Buying me a drink at Cabin karaoke will get you extra credit, but it's not like that matters because you're guaranteed an A in the syllabus.”
An early attempt to identify the behind only yielded the tweet “My favorite #badass movie of all time is ‘Catch Me If You Can.’ ”

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